VENTEQ inspectors and management QA/QC
VENTEQ, a CAN Group business stream, provides a comprehensive range of Quality Assurance and Quality Control services, from Vendor Inspection through to System Audits and Expediting.


Providing an integrated approach to QA/QC inspection, VENTEQ draws on the expert knowledge and experience of our inspectors and management. We have significant experience and the capability to advise and protect our clients’ interests with our service range supporting both the manufacturing process and supply chain management of our clients nationally and internationally.

Our services help ensure: Quality, Cost Effectiveness, Adherence to Schedules and Reliability.

Our aim is to always exceed client expectations. We tailor our services to individual clients and take a proactive approach, investing in our people and resources to go beyond expectations. VENTEQ is committed to delivering the highest quality of services ensuring safety, integrity and certainty across all our activities and those of our clients.

As part of CAN Group, VENTEQ also benefits from the support of the wider group facilitating the delivery of unique inspection solutions to any project.



Vendor Inspection


Our services provide clients with the certainty they require, ensuring equipment and materials are safe, compliant and as per order specifications.

We have a strong team of Vendor and QA/QC Inspectors experienced across a range of disciplines including mechanical, electrical and instrumentation in addition to welding, coatings, OCTG, valves and fabricated assemblies. In addition we are also able to provide dedicated inspectors for specific types of oil and gas inspections requiring specialist knowledge.

Third Party/Sourced Inspection

VENTEQ provide Third Party/Sourced Equipment inspections, carrying out requested examination and testing at vendor premises during manufacturing, factory acceptance tests and release stages for a wide variety of equipment.

Temporary Equipment Inspection

VENTEQ inspectors carry out TPE Inspections ensuring that vendor and client equipment meets the required specifications. Typical equipment inspected includes:

  • Diesel engines, HP jetting units, compressors and welding sets
  • Portable power tools and equipment
  • Well control equipment
  • Workshops, cabins and logging units ATEX compliant and Rigsafe certified
  • Nitrogen spreads
  • Desanding units
  • Diesel and pneumatic powered winches
Our inspectors ensure the safe systems, shutdown testing operations for zoned equipment is as required and operational. We will also ensure all platform interfaces are checked to guarantee compatibility with platform supplies.


VENTEQ carries out a variety of factory acceptance testing (FAT) ensuring our clients' equipment meets requirements with regards to operations and quality. Our inspectors attend vendor premises to witness FAT's being carried out in line with client procedures/specifications including full documentation review.

Document Review

Document review provides our clients with the certainty that equipment is compliant and correct to specification. At VENTEQ we will ensure compliance prior to release.

Fabrication Surveillance

VENTEQ provide fabrication surveillance during manufacture systematically observing the process and monitoring compliance with quality plans and standards.

New Build Inspection

To guarantee the highest standards VENTEQ conduct inspections of key aspects during the manufacturing process ensuring that client purchase order requirements and specifications are achieved. Typical services and equipment include:

  • Pipe spools, valves and fabricated assemblies
  • Package/skid equipment
  • Christmas trees and associated equipment
  • Wireline/well control equipment
  • OCTG
  • FAT witnessing and monitoring
At each inspected stage our inspectors will ensure equipment is defect-free and fully compliant with required codes and regulatory standards.

Painting and Coating Inspection

VENTEQ's coating inspectors can oversee the entire coating process or inspect the final result as required. Our coatings inspectors are all CSWIP BGas, NACE, Icorr or FROSIO qualified and experienced to inspect the following types of coating:

  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Protective and Weight Coatings
  • Flow Assurance
  • Internal Coatings
  • Specialist Coatings
  • Passive Fire Protection Coatings


Expediting, budgets, deadlines, suppliers


At VENTEQ we offer desk and field expediting to all our clients' to ensure their projects meet agreed budgets, deadlines and suppliers deliver as scheduled. Utilising project documentation including drawings, data, specifications and standards VENTEQ provide inspections coordination, planning and schedule monitoring. Our expeditors will monitor and review the manufacturing process ensuring schedules and quality plans are adhered to at each stage.

VENTEQ expeditors can be involved from preproduction meetings right through to completion, identifying potential project bottlenecks and offering solutions to ensure projects are delivered on time. We proactively review delivery schedules providing clients with regular progress reports as we continually monitor the supply chain.


Procurement support, manage supply chains


VENTEQ provide procurement support, inspection and release services, helping our clients' effectively manage their supply chains. We assist with the strategic selection of vendors along with managing and auditing approved suppliers.

We also provide QA/QC and audit support, in addition to conducting shop inspections. VENTEQ inspectors will generate final release notes stating that the equipment is compliant and as per order specifications.

VENTEQ's procurement services build confidence and certainty into our clients supply chain and operations as we ensure all equipment is compliant.


QAQC services minimise risk


VENTEQ's QA/QC services minimise risk. As our clients representative we act as an independent body overseeing projects to verify compliance with management systems, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and any other necessary codes and standards.

VENTEQ inspectors will ensure quality requirements are met and monitor the projects schedule ensuring success in terms of delivery time, budget, scope, safety and the quality of the work being undertaken.


Auditing potential suppliers for our clients


By conducting comprehensive system audits we are able to benchmark potential suppliers and identify the most appropriate partners and suppliers for our clients.

VENTEQ has the ability to conduct independent audits of vendors systems to ensure they are capable of producing the product or delivering the service. Our qualified personnel assess and ensure that effective management controls are present, implemented and compliant with requirements.

Our vendor audits assess resources, operational capacity and manpower; along with a vendors capabilities and QA procedures. VENTEQ will then create and issue an audit report and create a customised audit plan. We also possess internal/external auditing capabilities to ISO 19001:2008.

We carry out audits either independently or in conjunction with our clients utilising client supplied or VENTEQ generated agreed audit scopes. We advise and adapt to client requirements with regard to audit content.

VENTEQ have the additional advantage of being able to design its audits teams combining experienced and qualified auditors with technically competent and knowledgeable personnel covering a wide selection of disciplines. These two strengths produce a powerful synergy combination assuring that the audit process produces the required results and benefits for our clients.